Paragon City Portal: 5th Column Leader

  5th Column Leader

Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Mastermind
Secret Identity:  Bob Kaiser
Group Affiliation:  The 5th Column
Group Rank:  Arch Villain
Primary Powers:  Robotics
Secondary Powers:  Dark Miasma
Epic Powers:  Soul Mastery
Travel Method:  Flight
Battlecry:  Attack! 5th Column Lives!

Bob Kaiser was an ordinary soldier in the glorious 5th Column when he left on his last mission to steal drone technology from the Rikti and robotic technology from the Malta Group. Before leaving on this mission Bob was involved as a volunteer in the secret Dark Vampiri Project. This project was designed to see if they could give Dark Vampiri powers to ordinary soldiers. During his last mission he was supposed to maintain complete radio silence which he did. On his way back to the Column he heard that it had been overthrown by a new faction called the Council. He decided to use the technology he stole from the Rikti and Malta to create robots that would serve him as the new leader of The 5th Column. He had also discovered that the Vampiri Project was successful which granted him new dark powers. Now he fights his way to becoming strong enough to wipe out the Council once and for all and to restore the former greatness of The 5th Column. Long live the 5th Column! Heil Bob!

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