Paragon City Portal: Armor Patriot

  Armor Patriot

Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Tanker
Secret Identity:  Anthony Rogers
Group Affiliation:  None
Primary Powers:  Shield Defense
Secondary Powers:  Electric Melee
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Flight
Battlecry:  “Excelsior!”

Anthony Rogers was born on July 4th, 1968 in the Lower East Side of Steel Canyon to his Italian and Irish parents Josephine and Mickey Rogers. Mickey Rogers was a boxer and taught his son the tricks of the trade. Mickey died when Anthony was only 13 when he was ran over by a drunk driver. After that Anthony had to get a part time job to help his mom pay the bills. Josephine was a waitress part time and also did some maid service. When Anthony turned 18 he wanted to join the United States Air Force, however he was not able to pass the physical fitness exam to get in. He was however quite brilliant and one day designed a new and amazing power source. By copyrighting his new designs he was able to make millions. He used his new power source to build himself an armor suit that was much stronger than any platoon of marines so he now puts on the armor suit to protect America from any and all terrorist threats. He has on occasion teamed up with other patriotic heroes such as Sentryman, and GavelHand.

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