Paragon City Portal: Blazing Flea

  The Extraordinary Colossal Blazing Flea

Origin:  Mutation
Archetype:  Tanker
Secret Identity:  None
Group Affiliation:  Hexigon Inc.
Primary Powers:  Fiery Aura
Secondary Powers:  Fiery Melee
Epic Powers:  Pyre Mastery
Travel Method:  Superjump
Battlecry:  “I will burn you and eat your dog!”

Once an ordinary flea The Blazing Flea had a home on the rear end of a dog named Chloe and lived a simple life. However he did not know that the dog “Chloe” was living near a chemical plant in Kings Row. One day the dog was running through the toxic waste area of the plant grounds and she slipped on some metal plates into some chemical waste. When the metal plates hit the metal base of the waste container she was in it caused a spark which in turn caused the chemicals to catch on fire. The dog regretfully perished however miraculously the Blazing Flea survived and was mutated by the chemical fire. He managed to make his way to a dumpster behind the plant and took refuge inside where he passed out. When he awoke he found that he had grown to the height of 4 feet tall. He was now also much more intelligent than your average flea. He then felt a burning sensation all over his body and then spontaneously burst into flames. He found however that the flames did not hurt him at all and that he could control them. He decided that he had to use his new mutations to help mankind make the world a better place. Since then he has dedicated his life to look out for “the little guy” and protect the innocent. This is the story of The Extraordinary Colossal Blazing Flea.

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