Paragon City Portal: Bullet Caster

  Bullet Caster

Origin:  Magic
Archetype:  Defender
Secret Identity:  Nathan Lorell
Group Affiliation:  None
Primary Powers:  Dark Miasma
Secondary Powers:  Dual Pistols
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Ninja Run
Battlecry:  “Leela'suprize”

Nathan "Bullet Caster" Lorell is a 22 year old elven mystic adept from Seattle. It was the year 2068 and Bullet Caster was hired by "Mr. Johnson" to steal an object from a Wuxing Corporation research facility. He had infiltrated the facility and had reached the object. It was some sort of experimental device. While trying to obtain the device he accidentally activated it and the next thing he knew he had been transported 57 years into the past. The year was 2011 and he was in Paragon City. With no way back to his own time he decided to keep his skills sharp by taking down current day criminals until such a time that he can find his way back to his own time.

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