Paragon City Portal: Chrono Desolator

  Chrono Desolator

Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Corruptor
Secret Identity:  unknown
Group Affiliation:  Soviet Goonion
Group Ranking:  Solider
Primary Powers:  Radiation Blast
Secondary Powers:  Radiation Emission
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Teleport and Hover
Battlecry:  “Prepare for Meltdown!”

The newest special unit from the Soviet Union. Like the standard Desolator the Chrono Desolator has two main forms of attack. He can fire a powerful radiation cannon that turns enemy infantry units into green slime. The second attack of the Chrono Desolator is the most deadly, as when deployed he poisons a vast section of terrain with deadly radiation. What makes the Chrono Desolator far more deadly than the standard Desolator is the addition of the Allied Forces Chronosphere Reactor which allows the Chrono Desolator to bend space and time to move himself and others instantaneously.

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