Paragon City Portal: Cryonik


Origin:  Science
Archetype:  Blaster
Secret Identity:  Toby Sampson
Group Affiliation:  None
Primary Powers:  Ice Blast
Secondary Powers:  Ice Manipulation
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Flight
Battlecry:  “Justice is best served cold.”

Once a cryogenic technician at Orion Labs Toby Sampson. He was working on the internal systems of a faulty cryogenic chamber when it was accidentally activated freezing him solid. During the time he was frozen his genetic signature was altered. When the finally thawed him out he found that he was able to coalesce the water molecules in the air by lowering the temperature around himself and then able to throw the icicles that formed. He has started to master his abilities to control cold temperatures and is learning new ways to use his powers every day. He plans to use his new abilities to protect Paragon City as the new hero known as Cryonik.

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