Paragon City Portal: Cyborg Commando

  Cyborg Commando

Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Blaster
Secret Identity:  Steve Logan
Group Affiliation:  Malta Group, Hero Corps
Primary Powers:  Assault Rifle
Secondary Powers:  Energy Manipulation
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Superjump and Superspeed
Battlecry:  “Let's do this.”

Cyborg Commando was once known as Steve Logan. Steve Logan was a gunslinger in the Malta Group. That was until a mission he was on three years ago. During the mission he was severely injured by the Crey Cryo Tank and the Crey Voltiac Tank that froze and then fried his body. The damage to his body was too severe for the Malta medics to heal him so they reached out to the Hero Corps for help. The Hero Corps were able to heal a lot of the damage however only his critical organs and systems survived. He could not continue to live in this condition so the Malta Engineers got involved and made a special cyborg suit for him and they were able to transplant his vital organs, nervous system, and brain into the new construct. He now uses his military training and the new abilities of his cyborg body to protect the citizens of Paragon City.

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