Paragon City Portal: Debt Bomb

  Debt Bomb

Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Corruptor
Secret Identity:  None
Group Affiliation:  Explosive Devices
Group Ranking:  High Explosive
Primary Powers:  Fire Blast
Secondary Powers:  Kinetics
Epic Powers:  Mu Mastery
Travel Method:  Flight, Limited SuperSpeed
Battlecry:  “Fire in the Hole!”

The newest device from Crey Industries at a height of only 4 feet is the Debt Bomb. The Debt Bomb is a highly explosive incindiary core surrounded by an intelligent positronic matrix which is then encased in a protective alloy shielding made up of Titanium, Steel, and Copper. It has also been given some defensive capabilities with the use of two Pheonix Incindiary Cannons in the forearms of the device to ensure it can get by defenses to reach it's target.

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