Paragon City Portal: Demon of Hades

  The Demon of Hades

Origin:  Magic
Archetype:  Mastermind
Secret Identity:  Walter Keenan
Group Affiliation:  Hades Legion
Group Ranking:  Overlord
Primary Powers:  Demon Summoning
Secondary Powers:  Thermal Radiation
Epic Powers:  Soul Mastery
Travel Method:  Superjump
Battlecry:  “Rise my Demons!”

Walter Keenan was a thug when he was alive. A murderous, thieving, rapist, and molester. He was captured by the longbow after killing, and raping 326 individuals; 72 of them were under the age of twelve. He was sentenced to the electric chair for his crimes. That sentence was carried out five years ago. Since then he has been in the service of the devil and has been given magical powers over the summoning and control of the demons that exist in Hades. The Dark Lord told him to join his other brethern in the Hades Legion which he has done. Now as Demon of Hades he causes as much havoc and death as his demonlings can handle.

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