Paragon City Portal: Gaara the SandBender

  Gaara the SandBender

Origin:  Magic
Archetype:  Dominator
Secret Identity:  Gaara Sabaku
Group Affiliation:  Village Hidden in the Sand
Group Ranking:  KazeKage
Primary Powers:  Earth Control
Secondary Powers:  Earth Assault
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  SuperJump
Battlecry:  “How does the pain feel?”

Gaara Sabaku is the youngest son of the Fourth Kazakage of the Valley hidden in the Sand. He has always been raised by his father as a weapon. When he was young his father made him watch as he killed Gaara's mother. She was the only person who ever shown him love. Since then he has been constatnly fighting for his life and to cause pain to others. He feels that if he can only feel pain then everyone else should share in his misery.

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