Paragon City Portal: Justice Bruiser

  The Remarkable Indescribable Justice Bruiser

Origin:  Science
Archetype:  Scrapper
Secret Identity:  Thomas Allen Payne
Group Affiliation:  Hexigon Inc.
Primary Powers:  Dark Melee
Secondary Powers:  Regeneration
Epic Powers:  Dark Mastery
Travel Method:  Superjump and Superspeed
Battlecry:  “Prepare to feel Justice!”

Thomas Allen Payne was a research assistant at Orion Labs. They were on the verge of a major breakthrough with a new chemical called “Ectoneitheroxide” which was designed to artificially create a dark miasma effect. The chemical was in a container which exploded causing the chemical to completely douse Thomas Payne. The chemical bound itself to his DNA and it granted him the power to wrap his fists in the dark energies of the netherworld along with other dark powers. He decided that with these new powers came great responsibility to help the heroes of Paragon City defend it’s citizens against all those that promote crime and injustice. He now fights crime and preserves justice through out all the zones of Paragon City as The Justice Bruiser.

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