Paragon City Portal: Kvar'Ohm nar Tesleya

  Kvar'Ohm nar Tesleya

Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Blaster
Secret Identity:  None
Group Affiliation:  Quarian Frigate Tesleya of the Migrant Fleet
Primary Powers:  Electric Blast
Secondary Powers:  Electric Manipulation
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Flight
Battlecry:  “Keelah se'lai”

Kvar'Ohm nar Tesleya is an alien of the species designates as Quarian. They were exiled 300 years ago by the race of sentient robots they created called the Geth. Now they wander the universe in a great Migrant Fleet. Kvar'Ohm is a young quarian who was born on the frigate Tesleya. He has recently reached the age when all quarians must leave the fleet on a pilgramage to prove they are ready to join adult society. Kvar chose to come to Earth on his pilgramage and now searches for an object worthy enough to be the gift to the captain of the ship he wants to join upon returning to The Migrant Fleet. Kvar uses his modified Omni-tools to shoot deadly arcs of electricity into anyone who threatens him. He has recently aligned himself with other great heroes in Paragon City like The Blazing Flea, Justice Bruiser, Sentryman, and Carnal Forge.

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