Paragon City Portal: Lancer Warfin

  Lancer Warfin

Origin:  Natural
Archetype:  Peacebringer
Secret Identity:  Lance Sterling/Zhaden Mazik
Group Affiliation:  None
Primary Powers:  Luminous Blast
Secondary Powers:  Luminous Aura
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Flight
Battlecry:  “Bringing Peace through violence!”

Lance Sterling was once a proud member of the Paragon Police Department. He spent 12 years on the force in Galaxy City and in Steel Canyon. Then he spent some time in the political realm of Paragon City and was instrumental in the rebirth of the city zone known as Faultline. He was also a member of the first contact team that met up with the alien race known as the Kheldians when they first arrived on Earth. One of the kheldians that was providing security for the kheldian ambassador was Zhaden Mazik ra Bonkai which roughly translates to Warrior Mazik (New Strength) of the Warrior Clan Bonkai (Swords of Light). When Mazik saw Paragon City he wanted to be stationed here to help forge an alliance between Terrans and Kheldians. Lance decided that he also wanted to bring peace between the species and help to protect the city so Lance and Mazik went through the Kheldian Jakzhul ceremony otherwise known as The Joining and then took on the shared name Lancer Warfin. A new hero takes flight.

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