Paragon City Portal: Omniphase


Origin:  Mutation
Archetype:  Controller
Secret Identity:  Julius Belasarius
Group Affiliation:  Guardians of the Multiverse
Group Title:  Chrono Master
Primary Powers:  Gravity Control
Secondary Powers:  Kinetics
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Teleportation
Battlecry:  “You met me before in the future.”

Julius Belasarius was born in the year 1832. He was a brilliant scientist and historian in the year 1854. In 1887 he was approached by Mender Lazarus to join the Menders of the Ouroboros. He was taught the art of time travel by Mender Lazarus and took on the title of Mender Belasarius. He served the Ouroboros to the better of Mankind for 832 years. In the year 2686 Mender Belasarius experienced the end of the world. He followed the causality string of that event back to the end of 2001. There he discovered an anomoly which he altered to prevent the future event. During the alteration his temporal signature was mutated in such a way that he is able to exist in all times and all places simultaneously. The resulting future was the Rikti War of 2002. For this crime he was stripped of his title of Mender and exiled from Ouroboros. Then he took on the name Omniphase and decided to try to correct the wrongs he has committed and save humanity. So now he uses his abilities to displace time and space to combat the evils of the universe.

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