Paragon City Portal: Pyroton


Origin:  Science
Archetype:  Blaster
Secret Identity:  Malcom Reaver
Group Affiliation:  None
Primary Powers:  Radiation Blast
Secondary Powers:  Fire Manipulation
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Superjump
Battlecry:  “Fallout!”

Malcom Reavers was a sanitation specialist in a chemical plant in Kings Row. One night he was cleaning up and had to traverse a catwalk to get to the other side of the facility. He slipped and fell off the catwalk into a vat of radioactive chemicals which started to burn off his flesh. He stood up and ran to the edge to climb out of the vat, but not before his legs from the knees down were burnt to the bone.After that incident he had to get artifical legs from the knees down. He also had to be encased in a special metallic suit to protect others from the radiation his body was now generating. With is new powers to control radiation he travels Paragon City and punishes the guilty for their crimes.

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