Paragon City Portal: Scirocco's Servant

  Scirocco's Servant

Origin:  Magic
Archetype:  Stalker
Secret Identity:  Amar Kaleb
Group Affiliation:  Mu
Group Ranking:  None
Primary Powers:  Dual Blades
Secondary Powers:  Electric Aura
Epic Powers:  Mu Mastery
Travel Method:  SuperJump
Battlecry:  “By Scirocco's command you die!”

Once an inmate of the Zigg; Amar Kaleb was freed when Mu mystics broke into the prison to rescue members of their order. Out of appreciation Amar joined the Mu Mystics and Scirocco himself saw Amar's talent with a blade. Scirocco took him under his wing and trained him as his apprentice. Now as Scirocco's Servant he with some of the power of the Mu carries out his master's bidding.

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