Paragon City Portal: Sky Raider Engineer

  Sky Raider Engineer

Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Corruptor
Secret Identity:  Jason Rogers
Group Affiliation:  Sky Raiders
Primary Powers:  Assault Rifle
Secondary Powers:  Traps
Epic Powers:  None
Travel Method:  Flight
Battlecry:  “Sky Raiders Engage Targets!”

Jason Rogers joined the the Sky Raiders during the Rikti Invasion to help out the city. He is forced to continue his services to the Sky Raiders otherwise they will kill his family. The Sky Raiders are a former organized military group turned mercenary after the Rikti War. They have a strong distain for the government that has seemingly replaced them with super heroes. They still maintain all their fighting skills and discipline, but have since focused it on Paragon City and it's Heroes. You can now find them in Terra Volta and sometimes the odd squad in Independence Port. Their leader is Colonel Virgil Duray.

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