Paragon City Portal: Solar Blaze

  Solar Blaze

Origin:  Mutation
Archetype:  Blaster
Secret Identity:  Adam Drake
Group Affiliation:  The Anachronauts
Group Title:  Lost in Time
Primary Powers:  Fire Blast
Secondary Powers:  Energy Manipulation
Epic Powers:  Pyre Mastery
Travel Method:  Superspeed and Superjump
Battlecry:  “Burn in the justice of my rage!”

Adam Drake was a scientist that worked at Icarus Labs in the 1940s. Icarus Labs was located in the area of Paragon City formerly known as Baumton which is now Boomtown. Many different scientists were working towards different ways of creating the "super soldier" during World War II. Adam Drake was working on a machine that would collect solar energy and convert it for use as bio-electric energy to boost the power of an ordindary man. When he was ready to start human trials he decided that the job was too dangerous for anyone to do so he was the first human trial. During that experiment there was a mishap and the device collected too much solar energy; overloaded, and exploded. Icarus Labs was destroyed by the blast and all of Dr. Drake's collegues were killed in the blast. Dr. Drake's DNA was mutated by the accident and he was in a coma for 8 months. When he awoke he found that his molecular makeup was altered such that he could absorb solar energy and use that energy to either create powerful blasts of fire or he could focus that energy in his fists and create a large ammount of concussive force. Dr. Drake decided that the price for his "powers" was too high and that his new abilities were too dangerous to ever use. He vowed never to use his powers for fear he would cause death and destruction. About 2 years later he encountered Mender Lazarus, a time traveler from the Menders of the Ourboros. Mender Lazarus knew of all past and future possibilites and realized that Dr. Drake had potential to be a great hero so he transported Adam Drake to the future specifically 2002 before the first Rikti invasion. At this time Adam Drake did not know why he was transported through time but there was nothing he could do about it so he got himself setup in a house in Baumton and since Icarus Labs was destroyed previously he got a job at Orion Labs in Steel Canyon. He soon fell in love with a beautiful woman and they married and had a child. Then the Rikti came. The whole city zone of Baumton was destroyed including his new family while he was at Orion Labs. He vowed that he would avenge the deaths of his family and everyone else who was killed. Mender Lazarus knowing that the time now was right spoke to Adam Drake again and told him to use his abilities and seek out a person named Sentry Man. Adam Drake took on the identity of Solar Blaze and then went in search of this Sentry Man. He eventually found him and joined his group of Super powered time misplaced heroes. He now focuses all his rage into powerful fire and energy outbursts to decimate the minions of evil to protect the innocents of Paragon City as Solar Blaze.

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