Paragon City Portal: Warden of Hades

  The Unholy Hellish Warden of Hades

Origin:  Magic
Archetype:  Dominator
Secret Identity:  Marcus Devlin
Group Affiliation:  Hades Legion
Group Ranking:  Overlord
Primary Powers:  Fire Control
Secondary Powers:  Fiery Assault
Epic Powers:  Mace Mastery
Travel Method:  Flight
Battlecry:  “Your SOUL is MINE!”

Thomas Marcus Devlin was a low paid security guard in the Ziggurat. He had a growing interest with the arcane and sat in on a few invocations of The Dark Lord Satan. On one of thes so-called "invocations" the Dark Lord really appeared. He chose Marcus to do his bidding and granted him some control over the fires of Hades and told him that he had to collect souls for the underworld to prepare for the war between Hades and Heaven. Satan then dubbed Marcus as a Warden of Hades collector of souls and ever since the Warden has been in the service of the Dark Lord. Soon after his occurrence he was approached by a person by the name of Curse of Hades who had proposed that he join with Curse and his collogues to send as many people to Hades as they could. Warden of Hades agreed to this arrangement and has since been serving his dark master Satan as a member of the Hades Legion.

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